Friday, December 12, 2014

Joy in Giving, A MOMSnext Project

Earlier this year, I, along with three of my girlfriends, took on the task of creating a MOMSnext group at our church.  As a quick overview, MOMSnext is part of the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) organization but is for moms who have school-aged children.

As I began to think of what my hopes were for our group, it occurred to me that we are some of the wealthiest people on this planet.  I mean that in the most humble sense possible.  Not only do we have warm houses and clean drinking water, but we have the luxury of gathering once a month for a couple of hours to spend time with our girlfriends and driving to our meetings in vehicles.  There were a few areas of focus I knew I wanted us to have:

Praying for one another

Being authentic with one another
Being generous to our community

While I wanted this to be a place where we could support one another, not only through our mothering journeys, but also through life in general, my heart's desire was for us to be outward focused.  We need to be in our community supporting other mothers in their journeys also.

In October, we held a Holiday Boutique and used the money that we collected from table rentals to put toward a service project.  The organization we chose to support was Dakota Woodlands.  Dakota Woodlands is a homeless shelter for families.  

They a vast number of needs and opportunities to serve.  We decided to makeover a room.  This room currently houses a family of five.  

Here are the before photos:

The bedding was in really good shape.  We just wanted to brighten it up a bit!

So...we shopped!

Then, while I was waiting for the new towels to dry, I dug through my discontinued Mary Kay products and found some things that the moms might like.

It gave me the opportunity to declutter a bit.

Our MOMSnext crew descended on Dakota Woodlands.

Our hope is to return in the spring and freshen up the paint in the room.

I am so thankful for these wonderful women (and those who are not in the photo).  They have servant's hearts and took time out of their schedules to be a blessing to another family.

Thank you for sharing in my dream of reaching out to our community!  They truly understand what it means to be the hands of feet of Jesus.

There is no better way to spend the beginning of the Christmas season!

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