Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Treasure of Grandparents

After spending a couple of hours editing photos this morning, some of which included part of my family and the other a four-generation extended family shoot, I'm feeling a bit nostalgic. 

I don't have many digital photos of my grandparents.  But here are a couple that I can share:

This is my Grandpa Keller.  He was just shy of his 100th birthday when he passed away, quite a joker, this one!  It was very rare to snap a photo of him without him crossing his eyes or sticking out his tongue.

This is my Grandma Hanretty.  She was an amazing woman, strong and hard-working, loving and kind.  I hope that I will be half the woman she was.

...and my children with Grandpa Jim, Grandma Sandy, and their cousin, Roman, next to the house in which my Grandpa and Grandma Hanretty lived.

What I'm realizing is that, in this age of digital photography, I still don't take enough photographs.  My children have other grandparents and yet, I have no recent photos of them.

Be warned grandparents, I will now be coming equipped with my camera in hand!

Lastly, this is a sweet photo from a recent session.  This precious moment brought tears to my eyes.

Tell me...what are some of your favorite memories with your grandparents?

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