Thursday, February 27, 2014

Shine a Light on Slavery Day

I have to admit that until a couple of years ago, I thought of slavery as something that was abolished during the days of Abraham Lincoln.  I was blind to the darkness that still exists in this world today.  It is not specific to race, age, or gender.

It includes many different forms of slavery.  Whether it is a young man being forced into an army and then required to murder his own family or a young girl being forced into sex trafficking, something needs to change!

Can you imagine a 10 year old girl being forced to have sex multiple times per day?  That thought should sicken you as it sickens me!  But it should also bring us to a point of action.  We should no longer be content to live our day to day lives without giving one thought to human suffering.  WE WERE CREATED FOR MORE THAN THIS!!!

Today, is "Shine a Light on Slavery Day".  I have drawn a red "X" on my hand to bring attention to this horrifying truth and share with others that I won't stand for it.  We need to know that this isn't happening in only the remotest parts of the world.  It is happening in our own communities.

Take a few moments today and visit the website for the End It Movement.  There are many different opportunities to help with your time or your finances.  It will not only help the lives of victims but change yours as well!

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