Monday, November 18, 2013

This Could Be a Game Changer

Generally speaking, my blog posts have either centered around my children or what we are changing in our fitness and nutrition world.  However, I am feeling that I am supposed to be sharing something more.  Actually, I've felt for quite a while now that God wants something more for me, has something more for me.  But what?

As I wrote in my journal today, how can I expect to recognize the Shepherd's voice if I am not spending the time to know Him?  I've been so disconnected.  I've allowed busy and social media to come before my time with God.  True confession: I wake up in the morning and check my Facebook, Instagram, and e-mail before I even consider opening my Bible.  I feel 100% confident that as a Jesus girl, that is not how God wants me to prioritize my time.

In January of this year, I began reading a devotional written by Zig Ziglar.  I love it for a few reasons.  It provides a guide for me instead of me trying to figure out which scriptures to read that day.  I then read the devotion and spend some time journaling the answers to the discussion questions at the end of each day.  Except when I don't!  On the days that I've not taken the time to read it, I leave the pages of my journal blank.  I am sadly admitting to you, that there have been more blank pages recently than filled pages.  Is that how a Jesus girl is supposed to live her life?

During the school year, my Bible study, which is separate from a devotion time, comes from BSF - Bible Study Fellowship.  I adore this in depth study of the Bible!  My husband and daughters also attend a BSF evening class.  I love that we are learning the same things each week and can discuss them.  The assignments are broken down daily so the student can really allow that material to speak to their hearts.  So, when I've waited until the last minute and am completing a few days of lessons on the same day, I am not receiving from the study what God has intended for me to learn.

What do I do about all of this?  I know, without a doubt, that this is my happy place.

I am truly the most fulfilled when I am in God's Word (with my multitude of highlighters, multi-colored Sharpie pens, and a hot cup of coffee).  I can't say that I am the happiest, but I am fulfilled.  There are times that what I am reading brings me great joy and yet other times when I am broken to the core.  The fulfillment comes from knowing that whichever emotion I am experiencing I am feeling that because God needs to change something or reveal something in my life.

The aim of our pastor's sermon yesterday, which you can watch or listen to here, was this, "The Holy Spirit-filled disciple is an active witness of the Resurrection."  That is where I think I begin.  I begin by asking the Holy Spirit to fill me each day.  I begin by prioritizing my day to reflect my beliefs.  Pastor Jerry also said, "It could be a game changer for us if we allow the Holy Spirit to do what He wants to do."  To that I say, "Game on!"  I am ready to change.  I am ready to live a life that reflects my beliefs, living it all in for Christ.

It is time to make "screen time" rules for ME!  How many parents make them for their children without recognizing the need to have them for themselves?  I've have been that hypocritical mother.  It is all about prioritizing.  What is going to help me achieve the desired outcome for my life?  

The last quote that I want to share with you is from Zig Ziglar.  "Most people who fail in their dream fail not from a lack of ability but from a lack of commitment."  That has been a good portion of my story up to this point of my life.  I am going to work very hard to change that part of the biography of my life.

Thank you for sharing in my life's journey with me.

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