Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Oh What a Night...Afternoon Actually

This past Saturday, London celebrated her upcoming 10th birthday with eleven of her best girls!  It was quite the combination: photo booth, Operation Christmas Child, with just a hint of Duck Dynasty

How many times do your children come home with gift bags from a birthday party?  Yeah, I used to send them too.  But I see a couple of problems with this.  Why am I sending gifts home with children who came to a party?  Isn't the party good enough?  More importantly, does your child really need ONE MORE BOUNCY BALL?  Probably not.  So this year instead, the girls packed OCC Shoe Boxes.  I purchased the supplies and they teamed up to pack the boxes.  It was incredible seeing how excited they were about preparing these gifts!  I imagine that the girls who receive them will feel equally excited.

The table was all neatly set with the color sheets to be included in the shoe boxes and the items for each box.  The balloons which are still were hanging from the ceiling, came in a package from Samaritan's Purse.

Nicole and London have been friends since infancy.  They started daycare together in 2004 and have been friends ever since!

One group shot before the festivities were underway.

Even a photobomb from our dog Max (courtesy of my older daughter Sydney).

The girls worked quietly and diligently to complete these color sheets which included just a bit of personal information about them, plus hand drawn self images.

They turned packing the boxes into a race!

London found this Duck Dynasty cake design at Sam's Club.  She was so excited for her Uncle Si ring!

I could not have pulled this party off without the help of my oldest daughter.  Thank you Sydney for EVERYTHING you did - before, during, and after the party!!!

I wonder what she wished???

A little love for Uncle Si!

This laugh right here is why I absolutely love throwing birthday parties for my children!

If we would've had a watermelon eating contest, Ellie certainly would have won!

London and Ella have been BFFs for over five years.  As a matter of fact, today is Ella's 10th birthday.  Happy Birthday Ella!  We love you to pieces!!!

This face is priceless!

The girls with their shoe boxes!  We will include a copy of this photo when I ship the boxes.

These girls sure knew how to make a mess!!!  They had a lot of fun doing it!

And, of course, the afternoon ended with a bit of soccer...what else!!!

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