Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How I Really Feel

I'm not really a mince words kind of gal.  So, most people usually know how I really feel.  Curse or blessing?  Both, I suppose.

After 23 days of the Whole30 program, I feel amazing!  Here are some of the changes I've noticed recently.

The increase in energy is incredible.  Prior to Whole30, I would find myself wanting a nap around 3 p.m. each day.  I never actually had time for that.  But the urge was still there!

Guys, this is definitely geared more toward the gals!  Also prior to Whole30, my PMS symptoms were out of control!  To be honest with you, they were and still are the main reason for making this nutritional change.  Approximately a week before my period, I had to suffer with such horrible breast tenderness that I couldn't snuggle with my daughters, hug my husband, or barely stand the pressure of my seat belt.  I am happy to report that I did not experience that AT ALL this month.  Coincidence?  Most definitely not!

Since June, I've been experiencing what seemed to be an increase in hair loss.  From what I can tell, based off what I need to clean from my bathroom shower (sorry for more TMI), I am getting to keep more of my hair each day.

Aside from that, my clothes are a little looser.  My wedding ring fits much better!  I feel that my emotions are also a bit more under control.  Although, if you had been with me at Women of Faith this past weekend, you could argue against that point...lots of tears shed!

Speaking of Women of Faith, what do you do when you are attending a conference that does not serve the types of food you eat?  This conference was hosted at the Excel Center.  They had posted signs which prohibited outside food and beverage.  Friday night was not a big deal.  We were only there for three hours.  However, Saturday, we were there from 9-5.  When I registered for the conference, we had not begun Whole30 and I had ordered a box lunch.  Included in the box lunch was a turkey sandwich, chips, a cookie, and a bottle of water.  How about a piece of fruit people or some vegetables?  Well, I snuck food with me: dried fruit, jerky, and almonds.  It felt all kinds of wrong to be disobeying rules while attending a Christian women's event.  What would you have done?

I want to end today with a quote from a daily calendar that is on my desk year after year:

"It is our attitude toward life which determines life's attitude toward us; and it is our attitude at the beginning of any task which more than anything else will affect its outcome.  Throw all of the negatives out of your attitude; take words such as 'can't' and 'impossible' out of your vocabulary." -Mary Kay Ash

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  1. I will ask this again...can I live with you? haha! Your children are so blessed to have you there to make such a healthy lifestyle for them. Nutritionally and spiritually.