Sunday, April 7, 2013

That Is So Us!

Today my husband and I celebrate ten years of wedded bliss standing firm in our marriage.

I have to admit that the first five years of our marriage is kind of a blur.  Due to Air Force deployments, the first of which started two days after we said "I do", we spent more time living apart than together.  In those first years, we were working to blend into one new family unit and adding another child.  We were figuring out how to maintain some sort of marriage relationship with thousands of miles separating us.

To be quite honest, during our fifth year of marriage, I didn't know how we were going to make it.  But I knew one thing, I wasn't going to give up on us.  Thankfully, my husband had the same conviction.  With the help of Christian counseling, a pastor at our church, and Godly friends and family, we not only maintained a marriage relationship but have had the great privilege of watching God bless us by growing it into something that we could have never imagined on our own.

Looking at how much things have changed over the past decade, I can not even imagine what our lives will hold within the next ten years.  Bill's hair is a little thinner.  My body is a little thicker.  Our children are growing into these incredible young adults.  By the time we celebrate our 20th year, we will most likely be empty nesters.  I can not even picture us in 2023!

Instead of trying to envision what the future may hold, I am humbled to share a story about our present life.

Do you have those moments when you think, "That is so me!" or in this case, "That is so us!"?  We had one of those today.  As seems appropriate given our history, today Bill has his Reserve weekend.  Yesterday he asked which church service I was attending.  Due to some change in the kids' activities, I ended up going to an earlier service and coming home by myself for a little while.  I pulled into our driveway to see his car in our garage.  That was odd!  I walked in the door and saw my husband's head poke out of the dining room with his face looking like he had just been busted stealing the last cookie from the jar.  He sent me to my office until he could complete his surprise.  Minutes later, with my eyes closed, he led me through our house to find this:

On our dining room table were two dozen red roses, twelve of them in a vase and twelve of them laid on the table.  Next to each of those roses on the table was a note which listed reasons that he loves me.

The "so us" part of the story is that he is such a romantic and I am such a surprise ruiner!  There have been a few times when he's been able to pull one over on me.  Without even snooping, I tend to figure them out beforehand.  In this case, I didn't figure it out but certainly ruined his master plan.

Tonight we will celebrate in "so us" kind of style.  We will play a little virtual golf.  He will tell me how to improve my swing.  I will get irritated because I know that he's right (yes honey, I said you were right).  Most importantly, we will enjoy each other's company.  We will laugh and hold hands.  We will continue to date one another.  We will end the day, as we do each day, praying together and thanking the Lord for blessing us beyond measure.

Albie, thank you for being not only a faithful but also a faith-filled husband.  Thank you for believing in me always.  Thank you for doing what it takes to be the head of our household.  I will honor and cherish you all the days of my life!

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