Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Family Game Night

I ended our family game night with laughter-induced tears streaming down my face.  We had been playing Fill or Bust.  It is a card and dice game in which you have to choose to keep rolling the dice with the possibility of losing all of your points.  London continually rolled the dice and lost thousands of points.  She ended up not winning the game because of it.  Here is a brief paraphrase:

Me: London, you lost the game because you were playing foolishly.

London: I don't care.  You said God doesn't care if I win or lose this game (which had been in response to Jacob taking time to praying for a good roll of the dice).

Moments later, Jacob: I can't get up.  My foot is stuck in the chair (in the spindles).

London, as dry as she could be: Yeah, and I'm the foolish one.


*2013 Goal: Blog more memories with my children.

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