Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Cake Boss

Over the years, I've enjoyed making birthday cakes for my daughters.  There are wonderful resources on the Internet that have made this possible.  In the past few months, my oldest daughter has discovered the best online resource for all things...well, all things!  I'm sure you've heard of it - Pinterest.

Sydney has been asking to bake a cake since this past spring.  I don't love cake.  So, we needed to find a reason.  Friends of ours recently celebrated a wedding anniversary and the joy of finding a new career opportunity.  Sydney hopped right on that opportunity to try a cake decorating technique that she had pinned.  It was a huge success!

This is the beginning stage of decorating with our homemade pastry bag aka a Ziploc.

She is concentrating very hard!

So many reasons to celebrate!

My proud Cake Boss!

She and I are now looking into taking a cake decorating class at our local craft store.  Who knows, she may end up with her own show on TLC!