Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kiddos Room Redo

Our two youngest children share a bedroom.  The biggest downside is that our 11-year-old is a boy and our 8-year-old is a girl.  They also have very different personalities!  However, we don't have another room for them.  So, we are making the best in the space that is available.

This is the BORING beige that is was before!

Looking pretty bright!  You can see a glimpse of my husband''s awesome St. Paul Saints shorts!

London was a tremendous help!  She reached all of the little corners for us.

London loves her peace signs (and PINK)!

She is finally able to display the many peace sign birthday gifts she received.

Auntie Beth bought her these groovy wall decals for Christmas!

Here begins the mini-tour of Jacob's loft.  

He also received decals from Auntie Beth.  The one on the right is a chalkboard - fun!

This was a really fun project!  It's not quite finished.  We still need to get Jacob's new bedding on his bed. We are going to find a way to hang curtains from their loft so they can have a little privacy.  We will also hang a couple of shelves so London can display her collectibles from Grandma Carol.  Lastly, I will be painting the trim white.  I'm a little nervous about that one!

The highlight of this all was having London repeatedly thank us then getting out of bed last night to say, "Thank you so much Mommy!  I'm sorry for all of the other times that I haven't said thank you."

Love that!

Thank you for taking time to look at our very own personal Ikea showroom!

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