Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother’s Day

I can barely remember life before motherhood and it’s not just because I’m not as young as I used to be.  It is mostly because my children have captured my heart, my whole heart.  It is a love that I could never explain to anyone.  They, within just moments, can go from being my greatest source of heartbreak to being my greatest source of happiness.  My children are my legacy.  They are my greatest blessings.


These two girls…I can’t even describe how I feel about them.  I can’t even describe how I can still feel so physically connected to them, how I love them in the depths of my soul.  These two girls, who tonight, told us they were just going for a walk around the neighborhood and actually walked about three miles to/from TJ Maxx to get me one last Mother’s Day gift.  While it was not the best decision, it was extremely thoughtful (although we STRONGLY suggested they never do such a thing again).

I love you my precious daughters!


And then there is this little boy…I guess not so little anymore.  He did, after all, have his double digit birthday this year.  I may not be his biological mother, but I am extremely blessed to be able to call this child my step-son.  His hugs are not to be missed!  He is kind and caring.  I treasure every moment that I have with him.

I love you sweet boy!

I will do this quickly since this is getting to be a long post…I have to brag on my family for a moment!  They did such a wonderful job of helping me to celebrate Mother’s Day (for the better part of two days!).

Yesterday morning, I got to have breakfast in bed.  We ran the Race for the Cure this morning.  That would have been way to early for breakfast in bed!  It was simply wonderful.

Yesterday afternoon, my husband purchased and assembled my gift:


It’s so stinkin’ cute (sorry Suzanne, I had to borrow your line)!  I just love it!  I love that you sit straight up when you ride it.  It’s just plain ol’ fun!

Then this morning, we began the Race for the Cure together.  The even bigger part of that blessing was that my prince charming stayed back with our little one so that Sydney and I could run the race together.  It was awesome!  I will tell more of that story here tomorrow.  After, we showered up and attended our church service.  I have to give kudos to our very own Pastor Jerry.  It was one of his best sermons!  I LOVED it!

The rest of the day has been very relaxing…a nice lunch out, a little rest at home, a few more gifts from my children and a lovely dinner prepared by my own personal chef aka my husband!

I will leave you with this.  This is what was written in the Hallmark card from my children:

“Mother’s Day is a chance for us to treat you like a queen.”

“A queen with really lazy subjects who don’t listen very well.”

Gotta love their sense of humor!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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