Thursday, February 17, 2011

Harper-Anderson Foundation

No…this isn’t a legitimate organization.  And no…this isn’t a suggestion for you to send me requests for money.  It is an idea that I’ve taken from our pastors.  Aside from our tithe and other charitable commitments that we have, we will be choosing one organization per month to support.  The decision makers will rotate between family members so that our children will also be involved.  The decision maker will be required to pray about different giving opportunities and make a decision based on where they feel God is asking us to give.

The Hold in Our Gospel has been such a convicting series.  I truly pray that more people will at least read this book.  We live in such a blessed nation and have so much to offer whether we realize it or not.

How is your family generous?  Which charities or organizations receive the benefit of your charitable giving?  I would really love to know!  We have a lifetime ahead of us of having to decide where we should send ours…